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Health & Wellbeing @ Work

It’s your first day at work. You’re ready to get started - eager to make a difference. Putting your well honed skills to use. You want to feel a sense of belonging, to succeed in life and to feel secure. You want to perform at your very best.

Because every human is special and has it’s own needs the work environment must be functional in every way. Eventually it’s every ones health & wellbeing that create the experience and evolution at work. We know today that human factors and especially emotional factors must be present to set people to innovate and create sustainability in businesses to become successful. At Scandinavian Business Seating we aim to take care of you at the heart of were work start, the office chair. As our dream and vision is to make the world a better place to sit we have an important mission to accomplish.

Our vision – make the world a better place to sit

Human Factors & Ergonomics

Try picking up a cup. Any cup. Immediately you are able feel if it has a bad handle. Pick up another cup and you may feel the opposite. Why? How do you design a handle that people will like?

Human Factors & Ergonomics make the ground for accomplishing what people will find to be good products. Good products, they just function and makes us happy. But it takes time and effort to understand why. This is why Human Factors & Ergonomics are such complex and simple fields at the same time. At Scandinavian Business Seating we value the strengths in designing furniture through human centered design and design thinking. We seek to collaborate with people who share our vision and contribute with fresh opinions and creative solutions. This is vital to ensure that every aspect of the products have the same meaning to users as they have to us. Understanding people and relating peoples actual needs to useful products is a fascinating journey.

Why movement?

In the recent years sitting has been viewed upon as a dangerous activity comparable to smoking. A global megatrend has spread to state that «sedentary sitting» is the new smoking. Arguably this type of information is at best capable of scaring people and create fear. Sitting is not the new smoking. Sitting is not the bad guy. This is about elementary human needs. It is being physically inactive that is the new smoking. We have to move to be humans.

Sitting is not the new smoking - being physically inactive is

Figures from public research studies show that we sit for approximately nine hours every day. That’s more time than most people sleep. We should sit less, but as sitting is a human activity we sit with all we have, meaning that our thoughts and behavior effect our wellbeing as well. The problem escalates when we become afraid of the consequences of sitting without being able to do something about it. Thousands of people meet this challenge everyday at their workplace. We are prepared to face this situation with cleverness and knowledge. Because it’s really not about working less. It’s about understanding sedentary sitting and enhancing your wellbeing at work.

Ultimately, sitting is inevitable. What we’re offering is a better, ergonomic and healthier way of sitting.

Movement that matter

Interestingly the solution is that there is very little movement that is enough to reach the threshold outside of being sedentary. Short spouts of walking for three minutes and interrupting sitting every half hour has shown to be enough to level glucose levels in our blood and reducing the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and at later stages heart diseases.

Furthermore; a group of researchers recently published a study that have made evidence for that eight hours of sitting can be leveled with 60-75 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity. This explains why e.g. Londoners that commute (walking at fast phase between home – The tube – workplace – and back) live longer that driving commuters. This research is first to provide evidence for the fact that if you move 60-75 minutes a day it levels out that sitting is like smoking. 60 minutes of activity is a stretch, but within reach for most of us.

Walking and working-out matters, but what about moving when you work? We have taken a closer look at this issue.

Innovation and research

Scandinavian Business Seating is a curious company. Always wandering the border between innovation and determination, searching for great solutions to everyday problems related to sedentary sitting. On this journey we have gathered powerful evidence along the way which suggest we are on the right path.

Fact: Two independent studies, one from Oslo, Norway and the other from Stockholm, Sweden, (both scientifically significant) concludes that sedentary sitting changes when sitting in a HÅG chair. At first the sitting itself is different and people can continue to move their body as much, as secondarily, has a positive effect on improving the overall circulation in our bodies.

Fact: The Axia Chairs from BMA have an incorporated movement features that are based on evidence from research. The features makes users alternate between sitting patterns and a “smart active” system warns the user to move and take a useful walk to further improve the health status of the body at work.

Fact: The RH chairs have a smooth tilting mechanism and structured shape of the seat and backrest that function together to initiate an upright posture and response to natural movement. Users experience an improvement in work technique and relief from symptoms of pain often associated with sitting.

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