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Human centered development

Understanding workplaces and the development of new ways of working is key to our progress. We have many employees that cover different fields and collaborate to increase our knowledge together. During these processes it’s important to understanding people and how they think. Human centered development is at the heart of our processes. We meet with people and make interviews to understand their needs throughout all the phases of development.

Eventually we develop solutions according to our findings. We then engage people outside our business to get feedback on the design and functions. We reach far to make sure that our products work as intended and that they have high quality. Absolute trust in the product is vital to launch it to the market.

Independent research

We value independent research to add attention and insights about our products. To sit is the most common posture at work and thus we believe that we are at the center of a development that concerns all of us.

We value research that is independent of us. We want researchers to evaluate if the chairs work as intended. This can only be reached by a scientific approach and methods that are developed by experts in the Human Factors & Ergonomic field and programs for collaborations with businesses.

From paper to purpose

To design research at this level is complex and we let the choices of methodology to be taken by the researchers. We can initially have own hypothesis and findings that we want to evaluate. The researchers might add something with their knowledge and then we agree on conducting research. The goal for this research is always to publish the findings in scientific papers. This means that all findings might be published for others to read. No matter whether they are positive for us or not. It’s only trough these type of collaborations that we reach independent research.

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