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  • Design philosophy
    ordinary into extraordinary
  • Reinvent

    The HÅG brand is the result of a
    passion to reinvent and transform.
    At its´heart ia a creative spirit that has
    consistently strived to change the rules
    and to transform the ordinary into the


    Since it´s creation in 1942, the HÅG brand has inspired many product inovations. The HÅG philosophy of balanced sitting and more movement has been coupled with a strog collaborative design ethic.

    Leading Scandinavian designers such as Peter Opsvik, Svein Gusrud, Svein Asbjørnsen and Verner Panton have contributed to the HÅG story. Through creative collaborations innovation and fusion of design and function, HÅG has created products that inspire, energise and help transform working lives.


    Our design process addresses all aspects of a product, including ergonomics, aesthetics, quality and sustainability.
    All these concerns are tied together in a holistic approach, aimed at hightening the user´s experience of the workday.


    We always keep the people we are designing for at heart of our design process, constantly increasing our user insight through involving real users in the process. We consider both physical, cognitive and emotional dimensions to create better health and wellbeing during a workday.

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