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  • COWOKI - Coworking plus

    Cowoki is a versatile coworking space in Cologne, the cultural hub of western Germany. Opening its doors in March 2017, the 360m² workspace provides 30 workstations, communal collaborative areas, private phone booths and dedicated meeting rooms spread over 2 floors.

    Cowoki provide a full spectrum of well-being services, from dedicated childcare, to exercise plans, healthy organic foods and life enhancing furniture.

    Architects Architekturbüro Maier were tasked to create a healthy working environment where work and well-being are fully intertwined. This healthy, dynamic work environment would also be established to enhance the feeling of well-being in the workplace.

    Utilizing HÅGs variety of colour options, they selected a green fabric to match the naturalistic environments, which included lush plants and grass like surfaces.

    They also chose a red colour option to match a second environment.

    The active sitting intrinsic to all HÅG products was a huge draw, and the customer felt this would be beneficial for their staff, playing an important role in their health and wellbeing strategy.

    Golf is something that keeps you healthy and active, and the HÅG Capisco is too, so the two ideas go hand in hand.

    When it came to seating, they chose a selection of chairs from across our brands, with HÅG SoFi mesh and RH Mereo and BMA Axia in desking areas, RBM Noor in collaborative, and RH Lounge in social zones. The dynamic features, Scandinavian design aesthetics and environmentally friendly aspects of the product were key reasons for their selection.

    "With the furniture we were able to achieve a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it is also extraordinarily flexible and functional. Since i".

    - Cowoki


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