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About BMA Ergonomics

At the heart of ergonomics are human beings. But what does that mean for the development of an ergonomics office chair? In other words: How do we get ergonomics into an office chair? To understand this, we look back in time at the history of BMA Ergonomics. BMA Ergonomics started in 1988 as BioMechanisch Adviesbureau (Dutch for Biomechanical Consultancy; now you know as well what the letters BMA stand for). After a few years in business, we concluded that only a few good ergonomic office chairs were on the market. The decision, to create our own office chairs, was a quick one! So that’s exactly what BMA Ergonomics did. They transformed themselves from a consultant to a designer and manufacturer of ergonomic office chairs.

In July 2015 BMA Ergonomics became part of Flokk, one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture in Northern and Western Europe.

About Flokk

Flokk is the market leader in design, development and production of workplace furniture in Europe. We are the proud owner of product brands HÅG, RH, Giroflex, BMA, Offecct and RBM. About 800 employees work together to realize the vision of our company:

Inspire great work

The head office of Flokk is in Oslo (Norway), whereas production units are located in Røros (Norway), Zwolle (Netherlands) and Nässjö, Hunnebostrand and Tibro (Sweden). Flokk products are sold in more than 40 countries through own sales offices in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland, UAE, Singapore, USA, China and Australia as well as through sales partners in the rest of the world. In 2016, sales amounted to approximately NOK 1.3 billion. The private equity company Triton has been the owner of Flokk since October 2014.

The knowledge within BMA Ergonomics

The design process takes part in the Product Development Department. Our specialists work out all technical details, such as the geometry, materials, manufacturing, assembly and disassembly of the product. During the design process we also rely on the visions and expertise of scientists, physicians, occupational health specialists and designers. Our office chairs are based on ergonomic principles that we can fully support.

Currently almost 1.000.000 people are sitting on an Axia office chair (the millionth chair will roll out of the factory somewhere in the beginning of 2019). The development of the Axia office chair, the Axia Vision 24/7 chair and the Axia Visitor’s chairs takes place in our premises in Zwolle (NL), the assembly in Nässjö (SE). The other BMA 24/7 chairs (Axia Focus, BMA Secur24) are developed and assembled in Zwolle (NL). Over time BMA has become a major market player and our products are sold via specialised reseller channels in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. Our ambitions “cross borders” and look into the future.

For three decades, BMA Ergonomics is committed to improve your posture. Indeed, it is our mission! It is a continuous process that we deal with on a daily basis. To support this process we include scientific research and utilise the latest technologies like the Axia Smart Technology.

The people behind BMA Ergonomics

Ergonomics is focussing on individuals. At BMA, we do it the same way. We are open and considerate towards our employees. It is important for us that our employees support what BMA stands for. A continuous process of knowledge and experience transfer, as well as teamwork, ensures that every employee feels well at home in their specialty to unlock their full potential

BMA Ergonomics

The mission

“BMA Ergonomics has been working for decades to improve your seated posture at work. In fact, it is our mission.”

As already established, BMA set out as a Biomechanical Consultancy in 1988. The realisation that there were only a few good ergonomics office chairs on the market, led to the development of the, already proven and successful, Axia office chair. The development of the Axia was based on the vision and expertise of scientists, physicians, occupational health specialists and designers.

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