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  • Sitting Instructions

    Our thorough BMA advice helps you carefully choose the right ergonomics Axia office chair. But that is just the beginning of our service to you. BMA Ergonomics helps you and your personnel to set up Axia office chairs properly for each individual user. In other words, your chair really is your chair. Optimum use of your Axia office chair promotes your well-being in the workplace, increasing your productivity. After all, when you sit properly, your work gets easier.

    BMA aims to give every user personal sitting instructions. Only in this way can we be sure that you sit correctly on your chair and benefit most from the comfort it provides. This goes a long way to preventing problems caused by an improper posture, keeping absence through illness to a minimum.

    Healthy sitting? watch the sitting instructions

    View the sitting instructions videos below, how to set up your Office Chair or 24/7 Chair in a good and fast way.

    General sitting instructions (before adjusting your chair)

    How to set up my Axia office chair

    View the video

    Healthy sitting in one minute

    View the video

    Sitting instructions 24-hours chairs

    Observation, VDU or Combined tasks

    View the video

    How to set up your Secur24 Basic

    View the video

    How to set up your Axia Focus 24/7 chair

    View the video

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