Håvard Haga, a selfmade hat maker who’s studio is a converted storage room in the basement of his building. He makes custom hats by hand (to his customers from around the world) and never makes compromise when it comes to quality. Haga himself wears his hats like a rockstar but claims that ‘Everyone can pull off a hat, you just need to own it when you wear it.’ And we certainly agree with this mad hatter!

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Many of us might have second thoughts about spending 700 euros on a hat. Tell us why we should...

Because quality in craftsmanship and materials costs. The high volume and often poor quality in fast fashion is not a very sustainable choice, and I want to challenge this by making high-quality items that lasts a lifetime, even generations - with premium materials. And this is reflected in the prices. Buy less, buy quality, and take really good care of the few things you own, is my mantra. (My hats will actually last, and the hats will also keep their shape even after wear and tear.)


You made a studio out of your storage cellar in the basement of your building. Pros and cons about your workspace? 

I love being in my studio where I can focus on my craft without too many interruptions – I can spend hours down here and forget about the outside world. Plus, making hats means there will be a lot of steam, excess hair and such - meaning I need a place where its OK that it gets a little messy. The only downside might be the severe lack of sunlight, but I am not complaining. All in all, this is the best studio for me - and my customers love it too, it’s different from all other studios they have seen! 


You say that a good hat can last a lifetime, or even for generations, but our hats look like trash just from one summer holiday. Give us your maintenance advice! 

Yes, a hat can last a lifetime. But that does not go for all kinds of hats. It has to be a certain quality and craft for a hat to last. But in general - treat the hat with care. Pick it up by the brim, not the crown. Have a brush so you can maintain its beautiful fur felt every now and then - and brush it counterclockwise. Do also buy sandpaper with around 300 grit, and gently rub off any dirt and stains you get on your hat. 


What’s your vision for the hat? Where do you see Haga Hats in 5 years? 

It is surely a bigger brand, hopefully with many customers from all over the world. I keep doing collaborations with like-minded brands, as I also do today. And the DNA of the brand is kept even though it’s a bigger brand – it’s all about the 50s, 60s, and 70s rock’n’roll, Swinging Sixties and Western, and it always will be. 


Why HÅG Capisco? What is it about the chair that makes it a workspace essential 

The process of crafting a hat goes through a lot of different stages. I have to stand up, sit down, move to the sewing machines, back again to the "steam" desk and so on... It is not very static work, to put it like that. That's why I needed a chair that I can adjust and use in many different ways. Tasks I previously had to stand up to complete, I can now do while sitting down. As a bottom line, it gives me far more flexibility than the previous chair I got, which had no adjustments at all. And I have to admit that the chair looks fantastic down there! 

The HÅG Capisco is a design icon that continues to withstand the test of time. Inspired by a horseback rider's posture, its pioneering saddle seat and overall unique shape, offer endless ways to sit or half stand.