Foodies Arena

Foodies Arena is a modern coworking environment in the heart of Ghent, offering a unique atmosphere for creative entrepreneurs to experiment with and grow their fledgling food based businesses.

  • Location

    Ghent, Belgium

  • Designed by

    Dieto projectinrichting in cooperation with Studio 8 and HIP

  • Type of space


Foodies Arena is the ideal environment for co-working and co-creation in the culinary industry. Featuring five kitchen units, a show kitchen and a semi-professional kitchen, the team behind Foodies Arena have created a dynamic workspace that stimulates productivity, creativity and co-creation. However, with a range of Flexible workstations and private offices available, the door is open to all sorts of industries, as explained by co-founder Rebecca Hucks;

“We are a co-working, co-creation place for entrepreneurs and freelancers in a prestarter or starter phase. An exceptional feature is that we do not build the community around a certain...

"Foodies arena stands for co-working and co-creation, all combined with healthy food and a ‘wellbeing’ mindset. Consequently, the seating furniture also has to meet high standards. That’s why HÅG Capisco Puls was chosen: a comfortable human-centred chair that can be combined with sit-stand tables and is solid, sustainable and easy to maintain."
Rebecca Hucks, co-founder
Foodies Area

Visually, the project created bright and open environments, with lots of light and splashes of vibrant colours. Furnishings and fittings are all modern, with clean lines and colours that complement the interior design.

Satisfying both the interior design and the focus on wellbeing, the HÅG Capisco Puls was specified in flexible workspaces throughout the complex. Opting for the white base colour, they included padded seated with fabric colour matched to their corporate logo, with a high gas stem and foot ring options to accommodate sit-stand desk work. Furniture dealership Dieto Meubelen supplied all furniture in the project.

Featuring HÅG...


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