Gaston Lagaffe – UGC Films

Flokk worked with the lead set designer, to bring several designs to the film

As a lover of the decorative arts and design, Franquin always took great care in surrounding his comic strip's iconic characters with designer pieces and furniture that was representative of the times. It makes sense then that Franck Schwarz decided to reach out to furniture manufacturer Flokk to create the film's set. Modular and innovative and set on revolutionising traditional office furniture, Flokk products are the perfect match for Gaston's workplace and philosophy.

Enthralled by the Capisco following a trip to the BETC offices, the designer ultimately decided to go with the entire range. The result is an uplifting mix of colourful...

WATCH - Behind the scenes video here
"This was a real meeting of minds. They gave us free rein to fully kit out the set. Flokk furniture is the ultimate embodiment of Franquin's tastes and Gaston's image! I'm delighted with the results and can't thank them enough for seeing this project through to the end."
Franck Schwarz,
Lead Set Designer

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