Human factors and ergonomics

Nature did not design the human body to sit still for long hours everyday at work stations. We need movement, support and variation to work well. To put it simply, our seating solutions contribute to the well-being of people – and of businesses.

Our chairs are designed to make sure you won’t have to sit still. They are designed with people and their needs in focus and inspire them to beat their best throughout the working day.



HÅG’s ergonomic philosophy is based on an understanding of the human body and its need to be in motion. That’s why the core of our chairs is the unique Balanced Movement Mechanism™ that keeps you in balanced motion and encourages you to move your whole body without even thinking about it.


As balance is the best starting point for movement, our chairs have a centrally placed tilting point to keep you in balance and continuous motion.

The seat and backrest are linked together, which means that the seat front rises when you lean backwards, stimulating movement in the ankles, and lowers when you lean forward to work. These micromovements keep you alert and animated all day long

This unique feature is something we call FootControlledMovement ™.

Balanced movement

Our unique seating mechanism keeps the person sitting on a HÅG chair actively balancing and not just in suspended balance.

The chair follows the movement of your body whenever you move forwards and backwards and this,in turn, stimulates micro movements in your feet. This activates the circulation systems in your lower legs - the peripheral heart in the calf muscles - increasing your blood circulation like no other task chair does.

It keeps you feeling energized, fills you with well-being and lets you concentrate on your work.


The workings of HÅG in Balance®

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RH - Designed for human performance

The human body is a miracle and with the right tools, it can achieve wonderful things.

Getting good results

Our ergonomic philosophy is inspired by the human body - and based on the importance of movement, support and maintaining correct posture. An upright posture opens up the body, improves breathing and increases blood circulation while movements stimulate the muscles.This combination increases the flow of oxygen in your body, sharpening your focus and increasing your performance.

This philosophy is embodied in our 2PP or the Two-Point Principle. Each chair has two unique points placed near the pivotal points on the body - the hips and knees. The chair follows your natural movements and your feet always remain on the floor. Our lumbar support gives you constant support to help you feel and work better.

Quite simply, our chairs are the right tools for the task.


You know how important a good office chair is for you and your personnel.

Prevent injury

You know how important a good office chair is for you and your personnel. After all,their work demands they are seated for long periods, often at a desk, with a desktop computer or laptop. And it’s that protracted sitting that makes their muscles and joints so sensitive to injury. Injury you’re really keen to prevent.

Furthermore, every person has a different posture. Large or small,heavy or light, with specific requirements for sitting comfortably. And their duties and tasks are also very diverse.

All that requires a chair that is very flexible in adjustment, but is also ergonomically responsible. So just about anybody can sit on it.


Our furniture delivers the best comfort in its segment.

Office chairs. They seem like such ordinary objects. A seat, a backrest, armrests and a base. But a good office chair is essential for working in a healthy way!

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