Spooks: The Greater Good is a 2015 British Spy film, continuing the popular TV series Spooks (known as MI-5 in some countries), which originally aired on BBC1.

  • Location

    BBC Studios, UK

  • Designed by

    Liz Griffiths, Set Decorator

  • Products

    HÅG H04

  • Type of space

    Creative, Media & Film

With a plot focusing on the clandestine activities of Great Britain’s Secret Service operatives, many scenes take place at the heart of the British intelligence establishment, and an operations centre & meeting room featured the HAG H04.

Set Decorator Liz Griffiths was looking for a stylish and sophisticated look for their main office chair for these scenes, and with lighting a crucial aspect of the filming process, the fabric had to be just right. Liz was excited by HÅG’s ability to upholster almost any fabric onto their chairs, and after a string of tests, settled on the vibrant lime green you can see in the pictures.

The chairs went...

"The colour pallet for the Subcommand set was to be strictly monochrome with just apple green and blood red accents, avoiding standard office beige. The finished sets feature bespoke furnishings and fittings such pantone selected chair upholstery and desks constructed using laser-cut metal and glass."
Simon Bowles, Production Designer, Spooks
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