RBM – Scandinavian Design since 1975

RBM’s history is deeply entrenched in the traditions of Danish design. With a balance of warmth and functionality, our furniture offers Scandinavian style that endures and will bring life to rooms.


Crafting Modern Treasures with Ruth Tomlinson

Ruth Tomlinson’s studio features RBM Noor in all social and consultation areas of the atelier. The functional yet sophisticated Scandinavian design heightened the sense of luxury required in such an establishment.

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RBM Noor – a creative design collaboration

In 2013 RBM Noor was launched as a result of an innovative design collaboration between the Scandinavian designers Form Us With Love, StokkeAustad, Susanne Grønlund and the Flokk design team.


About RBM

RBM represents a Scandinavian state of mind expressed through design. Robust and vibrant furniture, with simple lines, inviting curves, supportive shapes and vivid colour stories. With a balance of warmth and ...

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    Bringing life to schools

    Young students, regardless of age or size, deserve inspirational and good ergonomic seating solutions to perform their best.

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    The benefits of agile working environments...

    Creating an adaptive and flexible workplace environment can reap untold benefits. By designing different work spaces within the office you give people the freedom and flexibility to work in the best possible way.

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RBM Products

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Explore RBM Projects...

  • The Swedish Sports Confederation

    The Swedish Sports Confederation is an umbrella organization with the task of supporting its member federations and, in an official capacity, representing the whole Swedish sports movement in contacts with the authorities, politicians etc.

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  • Archive Homestore & Kitchen

    A shop, cafe and event space for a design-led lifestyle store with a Scandinavian influence.

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  • TID Watches

    TID is a Stockholm based watch brand founded in 2012.

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  • Hebekk School

    Hebekk School is a primary school in the Ski municipality of Norway, providing a welcoming and functional environment for nearly 400 students.

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