The RBM New Collection

The RBM Soft Seating Collection

“Now we are presenting the biggest launch in the 45-year history of the RBM Brand… Our customers have asked for more choice in these categories and that’s what they are getting.”

– Christian Lodgaard, Senior VP Products & Brands, Flokk


We believe the best ideas are created when people meet, collaborate and create together.

The RBM Soft Seating Collection enriches the existing RBM universe, offering a new depth of furnishing solutions for a wide range of interior spaces, from informal seating areas to office workplaces and at home.

Featuring 18 fresh designs to the RBM portfolio, from effortlessly comfortable armchairs to flexible sofa systems, dynamic stools to adjustable tables, the RBM New Collection offers a complete furniture solution for almost every working environment.

Explore the collection

  • new-collection-product-images_0001_ElliePro

    RBM ElliePro

  • new-collection-product-images_0000_Mickey

    RBM Mickey

  • new-collection-product-images_0006_Fan

    RBM Fan

  • new-collection-product-images_0005_Nu

    RBM Nu

  • new-collection-product-images_0012_Vancover Oto

    RBM Vancover Oto

  • new-collection-product-images_0001_Vancouver Lite

    RBM Vancover Lite

  • new-collection-product-images_0008_Com

    RBM Com

  • new-collection-product-images_0009_Com Bar

    RBM Com Bar

  • new-collection-product-images_0014_Chic

    RBM Chic

  • new-collection-product-images_0013_Chic lounge

    RBM Chic Lounge

  • new-collection-product-images_0011_Chic Air

    RBM Chic Air

  • new-collection-product-images_0010_Chic Table

    RBM Chic Table

  • new-collection-product-images_0015_Seven

    RBM Seven

  • new-collection-product-images_0002_My Turn

    RBM MyTurn Sofa

  • new-collection-product-images_0007_My Turn Table

    RBM MyTurn Table

  • new-collection-product-images_0000_Soft Box

    RBM SoftBox

  • new-collection-product-images_0003_Wall In

    RBM Wall In

Möbelfakta Certified

Möbelfakta is just one of the ways we commit to sustainable product development. Many of the designs within the RBM Soft Seating Collection have been marked with the Möbelfakta label which certifies that the product meets strict requirements in the environmental field, on social responsibility and on the quality of the product.

Watch interview with Flokk SVP Christian Lodgaard
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Introducing the RBM Soft Seating Collection

Flokk Senior VP Christian Lodgaard speaks about the launch of the RBM Soft Seating Collection, takes a look at some of the new products and explains what it means to the RBM Brand.

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