RBM Chic Air

RBM Chic Air is the perfect combination for a social space. Red Dot Design Winner 2017.

The RBM Chic Air collection is based on sharp-edged geometric forms combined with a subtle frame profile. Sublime, well-thought-out shapes, unique foam forms make the armchairs eye-catching elements of any interior.

To give it a more individual look, two different upholstered surfaces can be combined on one model. For example, high-quality leather on the outside, with soft upholstery inside the shell.

There is a variety of options to choose from, including high or low backs, chairs with or without armrests, and benches. The product has been awarded...

new-collection-product-page-product-images_0000_Chic Air

Product Specification

• High or low backs, with/without armrests and benches

• RBM Chic Air comes with 4 leg steel frames or wooden legs

• Steel legs in Black, Steelgrey and Metalsilver colours

• Wooden legs in 6 various stain/lacquer colours

• Fully upholstered. Possible to combine two different upholstered surfaces

• Available in various fabric colours from Flokk FCM


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