RBM Noor

RBM Noor is a colourful, wide and versatile classic. It comes in a great variety of colours and variants. Below you will get a full explanation in order to help you choose the right product for you.

  • RBM_Noor_6050-1

    RBM Noor 4-leg makes lean and lightweight look easy. As a result, it’s the most minimalistic in the Noor series.

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  • RBM_Noor_6060

    RBM Noor Sledgebase has a slim yet sturdy stance. It is an elegantly robust chair that can take a bit of a bashing while remaining as rock solid as ever.

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  • RBM_Noor_6070

    RBM Noor footbase is a brilliant chair for those who thrive in a fast-paced, creative working place and need more mobility. It comes with a five-star foot base on castors, and the seat height is adjustable.

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  • RBM_Noor_6080

    RBM Noor Wooden legs is our most relaxed model in the series. It’s therefore suited to softer surroundings such as gallery spaces, homes or high-end dining areas.

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  • RBM_Noor_6090

    RBM Noor Up 6090F is a comfortable and soft fully upholstered medium-high model. With sitting height at 63 centimetres, it’s the perfect height for coffee shops, breakfast bars or any other bustling, communal spaces where conversations flow and the atmosphere is dynamic.

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Projects featuring RBM Noor

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