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Flokk - a carefully curated house of brands

Flokk provides a wide range of furniture and acoustic solutions. With a shared belief in human-centred and sustainable design, each of our brands has its own unique identity, and their own stories to tell.

Home office - made easy

Looking for home office seating? Look no further! We've put together a shortlist of our most popular designs for the home office


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  • Singapore-based financial firm establish local work hub as part of their corporate workspace

    Great Eastern Life’s innovative new workspace introduces a new decentralised workspace to their suburban based workforce, turning a tired suburban building into a localised hub workspace offering agile work environments and increased collaboration.

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  • Velocité - The city as an office

    Meet Velocité, the courier company with a sustainable ethos, and passion for getting things done as fast as possible

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  • How COVID-19 has changed our attitudes to environmental sustainability

    The startling impact the pandemic has had on the global outlook on sustainability and environmental concerns

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We're proud to work with a huge range of companies, interior architects and designers across the globe. Take a look at some of our latest projects...

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Sustainable Design

Flokk´s strong position on sustainable design goes back to the early nineties and is founded on strong quality control to ensure that no harmful substances are used, and that the furniture still achieves the adequate strength required by the users.

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