Form follows function, which is our key philosophy - because we always focus on the people who use our products and adapt them to fit the human body

Innovation and design are vital for international success in our industry.

The vision of Flokk is to Inspire Great Work. With our passion and dedication to workplace furnishing, we aim to contribute to others fulfilling their potential. We have a mission we continuously strive to accomplish – to discover and create the designs of furniture that improve people’s well-being and performance.  


Our deep design thinking approach encapsulates the way we discover the ideas and transform them into the future-proof concepts combining ergonomics, aesthetics, sustainability and quality. As the mindful inventor, designer and manufacturer of furniture we drive a sustainability agenda having in mind not only our employees, customers, partners and communities but also future generations. For more than 35 years, we have applied tangible measures to become an uncontested leader in sustainable furniture design and manufacturing. We have implemented five circular design criteria named 5III Principles to all our design processes. We extend the life cycle of our products by using on average of up to 95% of recyclable or renewable materials.  


In Flokk, we believe that we are different and better. We combine deep insights into our users´ needs with a core expertise in customized mass production. We have a large focus on innovation and product development, and we are happy to see that a number of our chairs have won national and international design awards.  

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