Explore our relationship with the fundamental building blocks of our designs, and how we are continually pushing the boundaries in making our products using less resources.

The building blocks of sustainable design

Our goal as furniture manufacturers is to design furniture that can be continually reused, disassembled, and then reused again - or to create something that lasts a lifetime (or even two). This “closed loop” cycle requires thought and diligence, right from the concept designs of new products, and relies on selecting the right materials which form the building blocks of all our designs.

Our core product line is composed of five crucial raw materials; wood, steel, aluminium, plastic & wool. Through responsible practices and continued research, we have been able to repeatedly advance our efforts in sustainability, ever reducing our impact on the environment.

Watch our short films below exploring how we have been able to do this, and why manufacturers should take on this responsibility.

Our DNA: Materials


Plastic waste is one of the fundamental problems we are faced with these days. What our mission is about is about creating a marketplace for this waste, acknowledging that this kind of waste has a value as a resource.

Our DNA: Materials


One of the most widely used materials in the world, steel is high in strength low in cost, but also highly recyclable, our goal is to ever increase our share of recycled steel in our products.

Our DNA : Materials


Producing virgin aluminium is an energy intensive exercise - making sure we use as much recycled aluminium as possible is key to our sustainability practices.

Our DNA : Materials


Ethically sourced wood ensures that we have a minimal impact on the delicate ecosystems found in the forests of the world, which provide a vital service to the health of our planet.

Our DNA : Materials


Working with local partners, Flokk can offer a range of sustainable wool options on our upholstery, providing a sustainable solution to our furniture fabrics.

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