Augustin Scott de Martinville, Grégoire Jeanmonod and Elric Petit are BIG-GAME. The three designers describe their work as simple, functional and optimistic. Working for companies such as Alessi, SEB, Giroflex, Rado, Hay, IKEA, Muuto, Opinel, Swiss Air Lines, Karimoku, Muji and Nespresso; BIG-GAME’s work is often accessible, charming and, above all, useful.

The studio has received numerous awards including the Swiss Design Award, the iF design award, the Wallpaper Design Award, the Good Design Award, the Hublot Design Award and Design Preis Schweiz. BIG-GAME's works are part of the collections of the Museum fur Gestaltung, the Centre...


BIG-GAME are a frequent collaborator with Flokk most recently as part of the trio of design studios who created the HÅG Tion. Describing their style as simple, smart and functional, BIG-GAME brought their unique perspective to the project, helping to develop a chair for the modern world, offering flexibility for dynamic working environments with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

BIG-GAME: “As a design studio, we had never experienced such an intense exchange of ideas during development: a chair for collaborating by collaborators. The attention to detail on every step of the design development has managed to make Tion both simple and...

05 Tion HÅG