Paolo Fancelli

The designer Paolo Fancelli lives and works in Biasca, Canton of Ticino, in Switzerland. A prolific industrial designer, Paulo has won many awards for his work, including several during his time collaborating with Flokk brand Giroflex.

Paolo has been working with Giroflex since 1996, collaborating on multiple chairs designs from the best selling giroflex 64 series, to the versatile giroflex 313, which picked up a 2015 Red Dot Design Award, and the 2017 German Design Award.

Video - Portrait of a designer

Fancelli "A swivel chair is not designed to stand still; rotation and movement are its key attributes. A Sphere represents the ultimate freedom of movement It is the only geometric form able to rotate limitlessly and, in doing so, it exudes elegance. Even when a sphere is altered, through cutting or hollowing, its basic geometry remains unchanged. And this is the same principle behind the giroflex 313"

"This clear-cut form puts the user centre stage. The seat, back and armrests are tailored precisely to his or her needs. The chair effortlessly embodies a sense of individuality and intuition. Its striking design draws the eye but is not...

giroflex 313 sketch by paolo fancelli flokk design furniture