Nordea’s ‘Less Waste Office’ is a benchmark in workplace sustainable design.

Nordea's ‘Less Waste Office’ in the city of Gdynia is the result of several year’s research and planning by Polish architects Workplace Solutions, designers looking to challenge the architecture industry to find more sustainable solutions to workplace design.

Standard office spaces have a 5-10 year life cycle, with most furnishings and equipment becoming waste during this time frame, needing replacement. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, this process sees 8.5 million tonnes of office assets filling up landfill sites annually, in the US alone.

Their solution to this was to source recycled and recyclable materials and...

"By creating the Less Waste Office, we wanted to share good practices and educate employees, future clients and the whole design industry. We would like to motivate designers to create new projects that use even more ecological solutions and certified materials... For us, as designers, it’s not a choice but a requirement that will help create a better, sustainable future."
Dominika Zielińska,
Workplace Solutions

80% of the workplace is composed of recycled and ecological materials. Almost all the electrical and ventilation was refurbished and reinstalled. The team sourced furniture, lamps and decorative elements from second-hand merchants and refurbished. Recycled bricks, eco paints, biodegradable foils, and natural cork insulation boards also feature throughout.

For the other 20%, where new products were the only option, every effort was made to find recycled and recyclable solutions. Flokk brand Profim provided a range of conference and cafeteria seating with the Profim Noor. Made using recycled metals and fully recyclable plastics, these chairs not only offer comfort and support but also are long-lasting and fully recyclable, with minimal chance of ending up in a landfill.

In the near future, they will also be made using even more recycled materials. These were complemented by tabletops made of recycled plastic packaging and carpets made without harmful bituminous primers.

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