Segerstedthuset is a workplace for approximately 600 employees of Uppsala University.

  • Location

    Uppsala University, Sweden

  • Designed by

    Indicum & Input Interiör

  • Products

    HÅG Capisco

    Offecct Carry on

    RH Logic

  • Type of space

    Government & Public Sector

A house in the garden. That’s how the concept for Segerstedthuset in the Uppsala Botanic Gardens was put. Home to more than 600 employees of Uppsala University, the building has brought together various departments all under one roof, improving communication and providing them with a welcoming and beautiful working environment.

Working together, interior design firms Indicum & Input Interiör have created a modern workspace, full of light, colour and naturalistic elements to make it an inviting place to work for employees. The core of the building consists of a light open atrium with an eye catching oak staircase which joins together the...

"It’s a triangular shaped house and many of the rooms have sharp angles. We decided to interpret that and take the concept further using geometric shapes in both the furniture and the textiles. At the same time, we knew that it’s difficult to orient yourself when angles aren’t square, as we’re used to. For this reason we used a lot of colour coding in the accent colours across various floors."
Kristin Östberg, Indicum
Company name

Over 400 RH Logic chairs were installed to the workspace, making it the primary workstation chair. Its credentials as a comfortable and human centred performance chair made it the natural choice for an environment which is all about providing the best for employees. 88 HÅG Capisco chairs complimented the RH Logic in more versatile work zones, paired with sit-stand desking in areas designed for multiple users throughout the day, utilising its ability to function well with minimal adjustments.

To tie in with the Botanic Gardens which surround the building, green tones were a central theme to the project styling, which included vertical...


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