Flokk provide sustainable seating solution for Norway's largest food provider

Nortura’s new Oslo Headquarters seamlessly integrates sustainability, functionality, and inclusivity within a dynamic and productive workspace. Crafted by the innovative minds at Vinter & IARK, the design reflects a commitment to employee well-being, environmental responsibility, and creative utilisation of resources, making Flokk a key partner in furnishing spaces that align with these principles.

The workspace caters to the evolving needs of a hybrid working environment, transitioning from fixed to fully free seating. Designated team areas, or "home bases," were established, accompanied by adaptable workspaces to suit individual and collaborative needs. Feedback from employees played a pivotal role in shaping additional workspaces, including a variety of meeting rooms. Vinter & IARK's analysis of workspace utilisation resulted in a layout that minimises disturbances in focused areas while fostering chance encounters, enhancing cross-team connections and innovation.

At the heart of the design is a focus on well-being, creating a functional space that nurtures employees' happiness, health, and safety. The concept of inclusivity permeates every aspect, ensuring that everyone, from office staff to factory workers and farmers, feels welcome. Nortura's commitment to this ethos is evident in the thoughtful details, such as wallpaper crafted from pressed flowers emitting the familiar rural scents of camomile and hay, room names inspired by traditional Norwegian agricultural...


HÅG H04 chairs, specified for most focused workstations, were brought over from the previous office. Their enduring design allowed for refurbishment, highlighting Flokk's commitment to longevity, comfort, and flexibility. HÅG Tion chairs, chosen for dynamic meeting rooms and private work areas, embody sustainability with 71-75% recycled materials and a design facilitating disassembly.

In presentation areas, HÅG Celi chairs with shells made from recycled snowplough markers not only meet environmental requirements but also provide a unique narrative, connecting employees to Norway through markers they encounter on winter commutes. Further, HÅG Celi chairs were included fully upholstered. Additional Flokk seating, including Profim Noor chairs in the show kitchen HÅG Capisco chairs in open workspaces, and Offecct Carry On Stools further contribute to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the redesigned space.

Most of the Flokk chairs were chosen to be upholstered in fabrics made...


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