Our environmental goals - 2030

Seating solutions helping lower your carbon footprint

In 2021, we outlined a series of ambitious environmental objectives for ourselves. These goals directly relate to the key areas where we hold considerable influence—especially concerning the materials we use and the energy we consume.​

Similar to our sustainable design principles, these objectives are closely intertwined with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the global targets established by the EU European Green Deal. In fact, the objectives we've set for ourselves surpass those set internationally. This not only aids in the reduction of worldwide carbon emissions but also empowers our customers to significantly diminish their own environmental footprint when seeking new seating solutions.​​

These goals serve a dual role. Not only do they provide a measure for quantifying our efforts, but they also act as driving forces, compelling us to consistently refine our design and manufacturing processes. This relentless pursuit ensures that we continuously pioneer sustainable seating solutions, positioning us as leaders in innovative and environmentally conscious design.

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