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Where can I buy Flokk products?

You can now purchase many of our products via our online store by clicking the link here. If you cannot find the exact item you are looking for, you can purchase via an authorised dealer. 

Flokk has a growing worldwide distribution network of authorized dealers and retailers, currently covering 80 countries on 4 continents, both online and in stores.

Click below to view our interactive map to find your closest distributor. Alternatively, contact us with your request and a member of our team will help you find your nearest outlet.

Find your nearest outlet

I'd like to try out a Flokk product, where can I do that?

There are Flokk showrooms in major cities all around the world, where you can see most of our portfolio in person, as well as hear from our expert sales teams about the benefits and various customisations possible.

If there is not a Flokk showroom nearby, you can visit your nearest Flokk distributor or retailer who will be happy to accommodate your request. If you are having trouble locating your nearest supplier, contact us in the form below.

Find your nearest showroom

What is the lead time on your designs?

Our lead times vary based on where you are located, and what products you are looking for. To ensure that all of our customers have the very best quality, all of our products are made to order. Flokk have a 'fast' range of fabrics with shorter lead times, whilst heavy customisation and textiles from our extended and special collections may take longer. It could be as little as 5 working days up to 6 weeks.

If you are unsure how long your chosen design will take to deliver, please do contact us to find out more.

User Information

How do I assemble a Flokk product?

In most cases, your Flokk product will be delivered fully assembled and ready to use, but in some instances, including if requested, it will come packaged. 

We have a range of helpful video guides taking you through the assembly of our most popular designs, which you can view here. 

Assembly Guide Playlist

I'm having difficulty using my Flokk product, do you have any user instructions?

We have published a range of user instructions across our brands helping you to get to know your piece of furniture. You can find these either directly on the product pages on this website, or you can find them on our YouTube channel here. We have them available in several different languages.

User Guide playlist (in Danish)

Servicing and repairs

Who should I contact when my chair needs servicing?

For basic repairs and servicing, please contact the dealer or retailer from which you purchased your Flokk product who will handle your request directly. Make sure to provide them with your product serial number if available to speed up the process.

For whatever reason, if you are unable to contact the dealer whom you purchased from, please contact Flokk via the form below and our customer services team will help you with your request.

If you feel confident in your own abilities, we have a wide range of repair guides on our YouTube channel, offering walkthroughs to basic component replacement and removals.

repair guide videos

What if I’ve moved and i need a service or repair?

In the instance that you are unable to reach your original retailer or distributor, we recommend that you still contact them as they may have other locations nearby that are able to help with your request. 

If there is still a problem, contact Flokk via the form at the bottom of this page and our customer services team will help you with your request.

How do I best take care of my Flokk products?

To keep your Flokk product in the best working order and to ensure its longevity, we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance. We have a dedicated resource page full of advice and guidance on how to maintain the various materials and textiles we make our products from.

Cleaning & Maintenance Resource Page

How long is the warranty for Flokk products?

Flokk products are built to last and as such come with lengthy warranties. Warranties vary dependant on product and brand, you can find out more detailed information on our warranties page

Warranties & product quality

Where can I buy spare parts?

Many Flokk products are designed for disassembly, meaning that worn or broken parts can be easily replaced. Please contact the distributor or retailer you purchased your Flokk product from to help in locating and receiving the necessary spare parts. 

If you are unable to contact the dealer whom you purchased from, please contact Flokk via the form below and our customer services team will help you with your request.

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