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Join the Fæbrik!

Making clothes fun.

Making ‘making’ clothes accessible.

These are the foundations on which Fæbrik is built – an Oslo-based sewing collective creating innovative clothes designs sharing their techniques for others to follow, and raising awareness on the throwaway culture so closely intertwined with the fashion industry

Meet the Norwegian start-up leading a counter-culture clothing revolution, hear their story, and why the HÅG Capisco is the perfect chair for their collaborative city centre studio.

The story of Fæbrik

Fæbrik is the creation of four friends, Jenny Skavlan, Ingrid Bergtun, Mari Norden, and Ingrid Vik Lysne – inspiring and creative individuals with a shared passion for sewing.

Fæbrik is all about teaching people to sew clothes, mostly out of old textiles, following their own designed patterns. On top of this, they teach people how to hack and change the design and make it fit perfectly so that people can make their unique dream garments with good conscience.

Their workspace

Fæbrik is based in an old gunpowder factory located downtown in Oslo. It’s connected to Kroloftet - a collective of designers and artists working with metal, wood, ceramics, and textile. This allows a close collaboration and allows them to be part of a creative atmosphere, learning from the other artists and experimenting with textile in combination with the other materials.

The HÅG Capisco

Sewing is very physical, making it a task that requires a dynamic chair. With the HÅG Capisco, Fæbrik have a chair offering comfort and support in all the different settings they need it for; The sewing machine, working on the computer and sitting high for designing and cutting fabrics.

Naturally, the upholstery was key for a company all about fabrics. They chose a range of locally produced wools from Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik, in 5 different colours to match their vibrant and playful workspace!


The fabrics, by Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik

  • faebrik_landingpage_square_04_11zon

    Ingrid opted for a bright coral colour

    Gandal 535
  • square_Capisco_8106_Gandal 535_11zon

    HAG Capisco 8106

    Gandal 535
  • Gandal-535_GU

    Fabric close up

    Gandal 535
  • faebrik_landingpage_square_03_11zon

    Mari went for a naturalistic green for her chair

    Heidal 920
  • square_Capisco_8106_Heidal 920

    HÅG Capisco 8106

    Heidal 920
  • Heidal-920_GU

    Fabric close up

    Heidal 920
  • faebrik_landingpage_square_02_11zon

    Ingrid chose a sunny shade in the Gandal fabric

    Gandal 415
  • square_Capisco_8106_Gandal 415

    HÅG Capisco 8106

    Gandal 415
  • Gandal-415_GU

    Fabric close up

    Gandal 415
  • faebrik_landingpage_square_01_11zon

    Jenny chose Suldal in pink for her chair

    Suldal 610
  • square_Capisco_8106_Suldal 610

    HÅG Capisco 8106

    Suldal 610
  • Suldal-610_GU

    Fabric close up

    Suldal 610

Get the Fæbrik look!

If you would like to get a HÅG Capisco with one of the fabrics chosen by Fæbrik, get in touch with your local sales team today! You can even arrange a visit to your nearest showroom to touch and feel the fabrics in person and explore the rest of our range.

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Norwegian wool fabrics, by Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik

Established in 1887, Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik (GU) are wool specialists, creating award-winning fabrics using local materials and inhouse production as much as possible. Their colourful textiles contain a wealth of depth and charm, and are available in a wide range of colours on many Flokk designs, including the iconic HÅG Capisco.

Visit GU Website
1_Moebelstoffene Sirdal Setesdal og Suldal i Norsk Ull_Ragnhild Nordhagen_1_11zon

Why choose the HÅG Capisco?

Hear from Flokk's James McGarvey on the benefits of using the HÅG Capisco, and why it's one of our most popular designs

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Flokk Focus

Fæbrik: The Interview

Find out more about the passion behind the projects, and see the way they work from their city centre workspace.


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