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HÅG Celi

  • HÅG Celi

    HÅG Celi is an elegant chair for social and collaborative spaces, presented in a lasting contemporary design. Lightweight and comfortable, what truly makes HÅG Celi stand out from the crowd is its unrivalled sustainability. Made from more than 75% post-consumer recycled and renewable materials, it truly is a treasure made of trash.

  • Robust & Elegant

    A sturdy aluminium frame makes HÅG Celi both strong and lightweight, welded to ensure high strength, durability and a long life – protected by a 10-year guarantee. Its rugged interior is encased in an elegant design by three leading design studios in collaboration with Flokk’s internal design team.

  • Lightweight and agile

    HÅG Celi is effortlessly stackable. Its lightweight build also makes it easily transported. Row connectors are also available to create flawless rows of chairs, with table hooks available upon request.

  • Environmentally conscious

    HÅG Celi is a continuation of our pioneering sustainable design process. More than 75% of the materials used in the chair are sourced from post-consumer waste streams and/or renewable materials. 94% of the plastic is post-consumer Polypropylene (PP) plastic, with 75% of the aluminium used also post-consumer. All components are held together with accessible fittings, making it easy to dismantle, repair and sort for recycling at the end of its life.

  • Dynamic seating

    The HÅG inBalance® is a unique feature that addresses the sedentary nature of conference seating. HÅG inBalance® technology encourages subconscious movement of your legs and lower body whilst seated, promoting better focus and wellbeing during long meetings and presentations without causing distraction or damage to chairs.

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  • You can view the true impact of HÅG Celi in our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - an independently verified document detailing the complete lifecycle of every aspect of the chair, from raw material to delivery – which shows a total carbon footprint of 13,8 kg CO2e for plastic model and 12,5 kg CO2e for wood model, packaging included.

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