RH History

At RH, we develop chairs with you – the person who will sit in them – as our starting point. We have done it like this since Rolf Holstensson started the company in 1977 in Bodafors, the Småland region of Sweden (we also get our name from Rolf).

Rolf had bad experiences while sitting and working, and he also noticed that more and more people around him suffered from strain and stress injuries for that very reason. And things didn't get better with the advent of the computer. But oddly enough, there were no work chairs around that addressed the problem.

True to the inventive spirit of Småland, Rolf took matters into his own hands and developed an office chair that made it easy to maintain an upright posture, provided good relief and encouraged active sitting. And the chair was easy to use. Thus the first RH Chair was born – which actually became something of a revolution. Since then, we have launched many more solutions and chairs.

Today we are known by ergonomics professionals, physiotherapists and other experts both in Sweden and abroad. We even have a technology, 2PP™, that puts our philosophy into practice. And so that our chairs are as great to look at as they are to sit on, we work together with some of Sweden's leading designers. And naturally we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously. That is why our chairs are recyclable down to the last detail.

RH Ergonomics

A chair designed to create movement

Nature never intended us to sit sedentary in an office chair. We are designed for movement. The RH chair has been designed to encourage movement and to help you to sit as upright as possible.

Move around

Sitting is a passive activity. If you choose an RH chair, it doesn’t take much to keep you moving. The chair follows your smallest movements, giving the correct support in relation to your height and weight in order to relieve pressure points. If you stretch out your arm to pick up the telephone, the chair will follow and you move backwards. The RH chair reduces inactivity and the negative consequences of the seated position. The more you move around, the longer you can sit without causing damage to your health. In other words, our view of ergonomics in not entirely unlike nature’s. This has helped us to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of ergonomic office and work chairs.

"The technology in 2PP™ means that the body is exposed to a lot of variation and relief, even when you move, since the chair's basic settings remain unchanged this makes you able to do more and concentrate better. Which improves your performance."
Company name

RH Design

Excellent chair design takes care of your body as you sit. For RH, design and ergonomics are two sides of the same coin. We design user-friendly chairs that help you to perform better throughout the working day.

RH is true to its roots in Scandinavian Design. From the 1950s onwards, designers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden created simple and functional products with high standards of material use and quality. The style, which was light and Nordic, aroused international attention. The designers of office and work chairs at RH are still working according to this tradition. They do not make compromises and as a result all superfluous design is cut out. What remains is an anatomical and functional chair that takes care of your body as you sit working hour after hour. Even though ergonomics is the most important aspect, RH knows that appearance is very important to everyone. We design chairs that you will want to sit in and that will fit perfectly into modern offices and meeting rooms.


RH Environment

Sustainability Pioneer

Act now, and we can rescue the situation. When it comes to task chairs, no manufacturer takes the environmental effects of its materials and processes more seriously than Flokk. As a company and a manufacturer of high- end office seating, we are acting now. Globally, perhaps the difference we are making today is modest. But our mission- as our products, name and philosophy grow increasingly familiar in the market - will help seed other initiatives and inspire others to change their behaviour.

RH Quality & Guarantee

A chair built to last

When you choose a chair from RH, you gain a reliable tool that can be used for many years to come. We set high standards for quality in everything we do. The result is chairs that last a long time.

RH offers work and office chairs of a quality that exceeds your expectations. There is quality in everything we do, from materials and fabrics to ergonomics and design. An RH chair is built to take a lot of use. Before it even leaves the factory, it has been through a comprehensive test and control programe, both internally and externally. The chairs have a 10-year guarantee, but on average they last for more than 16. The chairs are tested and approved in accordance with all relevant standards and norms.