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    To help any business better understand these challenges, we’ve split the workplace into three types of environments – a place to focus, collaborate and connect.

    Read more about these types of workspace environments and how furniture from Flokk can add value below.

Latest workplace inspiration articles

  • Emma Olbers - Creating sustainable interior design with vision and purpose

    In conversation with Emma Olbers, we explore what goes into sustainable interior design, and provide some guidelines for those wishing to follow in her footsteps

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  • Unravelling the impact of neurodesign: How built environments shape workplace experience

    Flokk collaborates with leading neurodesign scientist Isabelle Sjövall on a ground-breaking research project exploring how design can enhance human experiences in the workplace

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  • Hybrid work, trust, and the benefits of flexible workplace design

    In conversation with workplace video device pioneers Neat we look at what it takes to make hybrid work successful, and the benefits of flexible workplace design

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