DSW21 – Dortmund Transport Network

DSW21 is at the heart of the city of Dortmund, providing critical infrastructure support across the board, from energy and water, to public transport.

In the control centre for the Dortmund public transport network, you can feel the pulse of the city. Here all the threads come together under the gaze of operators DSW21, who are tasked with keeping the wheels turning 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The team ensures a smooth process around the clock. Not only are the metropolitan connections with buses and trains coordinated here, but also the flow of goods from the international freight traffic in the port of Dortmund and the connection to the cities of Europe via the airport Dortmund are controlled and monitored by the control centre.

The running of the control centre is split into three shifts, with the workspace in constant use throughout the year. Interior elements must be able to withstand such rigorous usage, and furniture fittings are warn much quicker than in a regular office. When the centre needed new office chairs, Michael Seuster, Head of the Technical Control Center, opted for the BMA Secur 24 Basic from Flokk to replace the old chairs.

„"The previous models from another manufacturer were already saturated after two years and permanently defective. We needed chairs that also carry people well beyond 120 kilograms of body weight and can be individually adjusted to the respective user."”
Michael Seuster, Head of the Technical Control Center
Dortmund Transport Network

BMA are specialists in the field of 24/7 seating, and have a close cooperation with König, who specialize in seats for racing. This collaboration ensures that the chairs meet all the requirements for ergonomic comfort and convenience in terms of continuous load.

The fact that this model represents the perfect solution for working in shifts was soon clear after a short test phase. Thanks to their heavy-duty mechanics, the office chairs can handle up to 234 kilograms. The modular system allowed custom configuration, and DSW21 quickly created the chair to suit them, opting for the BMA Secur 24 Basic with its ergonomically shaped upholstery - in black leather in combination with the fabric Staccato, practical flip-up armrests and a seat depth adjustment of 12 cm.

Nine chairs have been available to the 60 employees since the end of 2017 in a 3-shift operation. "The feedback from the team is consistently positive," Seuster reflects the satisfaction of his colleagues with the new seating arrangement.

The control center DSW21 joins with its new seating in the circle of satisfied major customers in police, fire and industrial companies. This shows once again that Flokk with the BMA brand is the specialist in equipping control centres and 24/7 workplaces of all kinds.


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