Designed to work for Mover - the world's first plastic free sportswear brand


Designed to work

Giroflex chairs are developed based on the brands core focus for 150 years; Ergonomics, quality, design, functionality, and sustainability.

Giroflex Designers

  • Fancelli

    Since his work with giroflex started in 1996, Paulo Fancelli has won many awards for his work, including several during his time collaborating with Flokk brand Giroflex

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    BIG-GAME consist of Augustin Scott de Martinville, Grégoire Jeanmonod and Elric Petit whom aim to make their work as simple, functional and optimistic

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  • ITO Design

    ITO Design is a multinational industrial design studio with offices in Fürth, Germany and Cham, Switzerland

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Giroflex Products

  • giroflex 313

  • giroflex 353

  • giroflex 434

Giroflex 10
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    Swiss design & advertising agency Hørde open its doors shedding light on the way they work and the impact it has on their workspace design.

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  • Mover – the world’s first plastic-free sportswear brand

    Can you really design and make sportswear without using plastic? For every sport? In conversation with Mover founder Nicolas Rochat, we hear the remarkable story of the brand taking on that challenge as well as taking a peek at the workspace where all the magic happens.

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  • Giroflex launch exclusive limited edition wooden office chair at Salone del mobile 2022

    Launched at Salone di Mobile 2022, giroflex 150 is an exquisite coming together of artisanal Japanese craft and iconic Swiss design, resulting in a timeless wooden office chair encapsulating the history and future of Flokk brand Giroflex.

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Synchro-motion seating

All Giroflex office chairs offer synchro motion,an advanced feature that powers your chair to followthe natural movement of your body.

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Giroflex Service

Our philosophy is "Service, done right" and we think in cycles to create better products for you and the environment. We offer seat analysis, professional repair, and competent cleaning.

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More Giroflex Products

  • giroflex 151

  • giroflex 161

  • giroflex 434

  • giroflex 10

  • giroflex 40

  • giroflex 313

  • giroflex 64

  • giroflex 68

  • giroflex 353

  • giroflex 353

  • giroflex 60

  • giroflex 60

  • giroflex 545

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