Who are we?

Flokk is a market leader for high-quality seating solutions in Europe. We believe in creating furniture that meets the essential needs of people while also considering the impact on future generations.

Our furniture is produced with the lowest possible environmental footprint, providing customers with long-lasting and meaningful products that make a positive impact on the world.

Designing better workspaces

Flokk 2022 annual report

2022 was a year of strong growth and accomplishments for Flokk. We expanded our range of seating solutions across Europe, Asia, and the US and demonstrated our commitment to ESG. Read more and download the report


Vision and mission

Vision - to inspire great work

We believe in people putting all their hearts and minds into their work. With our passion for furnishing, we contribute to others fulfilling their potential.

Furniture from Flokk should inspire its users to perform better, and we also want to inspire our customers and partners when working with Flokk through our knowledge of modern workspaces.

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Mission - to create sustainable designs for any modern workspace

At Flokk we make sure people are properly seated in every kind of professional and public environment. Based on our sustainable design principles, we manufacture a wide range of chairs, sofas, benches, stools, spatial solutions and other office furniture.

Across our selection of distinguished brands, we provide each customer with industry leading flexibility, service and expertise.

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Our philosophy

Deep Design Thinking

Flokk's design processes are unified by a deep design thinking methodology and a holistic approach which addresses all aspects.  synthesising complexity into meaningful solutions.

Sustainability and Quality are the foundation of Flokk and its brands, while Visual Aesthetics and Human Factors cover each brand's identity and uniqueness. All four cornerstones are closely interlinked.

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Our values


We are driven by a constant devotion to improvement. With our knowledge of design and business, we responsibly push ourselves forward. Our in-house design team regularly work with award-winning international designers to create original furniture designs.

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We strive to positively impact the lives of people through our products and services. User value along with their sustained gratification are our ultimate benchmarks.

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Environmental, social and economic viability are at the core of everything we do. Both on a product and corporate level we aim to be a responsible example for others to follow. 

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Our brands

  • HÅG logo
    Celebrating movement


    Task seating for office environments and single seating for canteens, cafés, and auditoriums.

    Read more about HÅG
  • Giroflex logo
    Designed to work


    Task seating for high-paced work environments for multiple, diverse, active professionals.

    Read more about Giroflex
  • Offecct logo
    Let creativity prosper


    Soft seating, tables, and acoustic solutions for anywhere people meet and interact.

    Visit Offecct.com
  • Connection logo
    Space that works


    Tools for increasing pace of change in office spaces and need for flexibility.

    Read more about Connection
  • RH logo
    Designed for human performance


    High performance task seating for personal workspaces, control rooms and gaming.

    Read more about RH
  • Profim logo
    Made to be essential


    Fresh, essential, and affordable design for a wide set of user segments.

    Read more about Profim

Part of the Flokk family

9to5 Seating

Affordable design for a wide set of segments. 9to5 seating is located in California and produces furniture mainly for north and south America.

Visit 9to5seating.com


A Swedish furniture manufacturer with focus on ergonomic seating and human-centered work environment.

Visit malmstolen.com
The histor of Flokk illustrated with a timeline.


Flokk was officially launched in 2017, but our story goes back a lot further. With a combined heritage of over 400 years, the earliest of the Flokk brands to be established was Giroflex in 1872, with HÅG founded in 1943, and both RH and RBM in the ’70s. HÅG, RH & RBM were the founder brands of Scandinavian Business Seating in 2007, but as the company gained new brands, outgrowing its Scandinavian roots with Swiss brand Giroflex, Poland-based Profim, and 9to5 Seating in the US, a new name was needed to reflect the growing stature and international appeal of the organisation. Flokk is the Norwegian word for flock, which in its most basic terms means a group or a gathering. But it can be much more than that. A Flokk is synonymous with a group, defined by a common idea or goal. It’s about being part of something greater than yourself while fulfilling your own personality and identity. We like to think that our Flokk is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Our showrooms

We have 28 showrooms in 15 countries that provide the perfect environment to learn more about Flokk. Our team is happy to answer all your questions and offer demonstrations on any product you want to see, as well as explore the hundreds of fabrics and materials available to create your perfect design.

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