Tower Bergen Coworking

Tower Bergen is a modern coworking space for business people, located in central Bergen.

The work space offers private offices for up to 7 workers, fixed desks, hot desks, meeting rooms and a podcast facility. There are also a range of common areas which allow for social or casual meetings. They provide hourly, daily or long term solutions, flexible to all sorts of growing businesses.

Interior architects Tønder AS were the design studio behind the project, completing the planning and design of the new interior in collaboration with the graphic designers in Reklamekollektivet, who developed the brand and signage. The aim was to completely transform what was a traditional office space on the top floor of an apartment building into a modern, efficient workplace, “Where the digital age meets the urban workforce” as explained by Merethe Strømmen, Interior & Furniture Designers at Tønder AS.

Unlike some coworking ventures, Tower Bergen is keen to be seen as a place for professionals, a place for business development and knowledge sharing, and a place where people are early in the office, and deals are being signed. It was important that the interior design reflected this message, providing a productive environment fitted with human centred and functional furniture.

Merethe Strømmen; "The main aim was to design a space that communicated the Tower brand both through function and ambience, with a special focus on well-being and the feeling of community. The tenants and members of Tower Bergen do not know each other from beforehand, and an important part of the design was to create common areas that provide natural meeting places for socialising and value-creation among the members."

„The HÅG SoFi chair is perfect for our coworking stations. It is a great chair to sit in, easy to adjust and provides great comfort on long work days.”
Christer Nesttun, Community manager, Tower Bergen
Company name

When it came to furniture requirements, the HÅG SoFi mesh was chosen for the common area desks. "We needed an office chair that would provide a great user experience for the members of the coworking space." explained Merethe, continuing "Tower Bergen needs happy tenants and members, and this chair was chosen to make sure the users of the coworking desks in the common areas where happy campers, so to speak."

Fitted with HÅG in Balance® technology, the HÅG SoFi mesh is a comfortable, human centred design, with intuitive controls as well as great all round performance, suitable for multiple occupants with very little adjustments.

The look was equally important, with the design of the HÅG chair highly appealing. "We also wanted the chair to have some transparency, to provide an airy and light feel in the working environment. The combination of great function and great aesthetics was important and we are very happy to see and observe how the chair provides this in use.“

Opening its doors in 2018, Tower Bergen has transformed into a vibrant and efficient working environment, and whilst not the biggest coworking spaces in the city, perhaps one of the best equipped to deal with the technical challenges of the 21st century.

Photographs by: Anne Bråtveit and Kristian Pletten Carpets delivered by: prosjektgulv


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