TEKO Swiss Technical School

Flokk seating plays central role in renovation of leading independant higher education centre

TEKO Swiss Technical School AG, centrally located Swiss city Lucerne, recently underwent a comprehensive renovation to transform its premises into an ultra-modern, stylistic learning environment. This ambitious project aimed to elevate the comfort and concentration levels for students, providing them with a contemporary educational setting that maximises the use of available space through flexible solutions.

The primary objective of the renovation was to create a modern learning environment that would enhance student comfort and concentration, utilise space efficiently with adaptable, flexible solutions and incorporate sustainable practices and materials.

To meet these goals, Flokk provided TEKO with a tailored classroom seating solution, delivering 366 HÅG Tion 2140 chairs across various classrooms, study spaces, and computer labs.

The HÅG Tion 2140 chair was chosen for its...


TEKO was particularly impressed by the chair’s low environmental impact. The HÅG Tion 2140 is manufactured with a high content of recycled materials and is designed for disassembly, enhancing its durability and extending its lifespan. This sustainability reduces the overall cost of ownership, an important factor for the institution.

The chairs were flat-packed onto 25 euro pallets, enabling the transport of over 350 chairs in a single semi-truck. The efficient packaging and delivery process minimised environmental impact and facilitated quick assembly. A team comprising Flokk employees, Sidler AG Sursee and Siegmann Swiss Verzollungen AG assembled the chairs in just one day, further demonstrating our dedication to efficient and sustainable operations.

In addition to the HÅG Tion 2140 chairs, TEKO's back office staff benefited from the inclusion of HÅG Capisco chairs in their focus workspaces. The HÅG Capisco chair is renowned for its ergonomic excellence and flexibility, supporting...


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