A Global Family

A look at how our growing house of brands has grown into a global family of brands, employees and happy customers.

Scandinavian Heritage – International Approach

Flokk’s heritage is firmly rooted in Scandinavia, with our original trio of brands, HÅG, RH and RBM, originating in Norway, Sweden and Denmark respectively. However, as both our brand portfolio and ambitions have grown, our outlook has taken on a distinctively international character, with factories, showrooms, stores and trusted employees working on four continents around the world.

Worldwide house of brands

Operating as a house of brands, Flokk has a portfolio of nine product brands: HÅG, RH, Giroflex, BMA, RBM, Offecct, Profim, 9to5 Seating and Malmstolen. The brands themselves reflect our growing international approach to furniture design, Originating in seven different countries in two continents. Each of our brands retains their authentic perspective, complementing each other to create a strong house of brands.

Flokk is Norwegian for herd, or flock. The name is inspired by our collection of strong brands, but also how we work and interact socially in general. You meet a company that teams up and works with you. All our brands will continue...


International production facilities

Flokk has production facilities in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Poland and China, with over 60 different nationalities represented across our skilled workforce.

With high-level attention to detail required in many handmade custom design features, we attract and retain a wide variety of skilled employees looking to be part of our family.

As Flokk has grown significantly through acquisitions over the past years, we always make sure to bring the best from our various production facilities together. Production managers, engineers, procurements teams and more from the various production facilities come together to continuously...

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Global Reach

Flokk has staff operating in 15 different markets on four continents. As a company, we represent a safe and stable working environment. We support and follow the principles of the UN Global Compact.

In relation to our employees, we have gathered the company’s principles, values, standards and rules of ethical behaviour in our Code of Conduct – Employees.

Our products are sold in more than 80 countries partnering with over 1500 distributors, dealers and importers to give our house of brands a truly global reach.

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Design for all

Inclusive design means a lot of things, but at its core, it means designing products that can be adapted, adjusted or specified for all kinds of people. Physical size, age and special needs are all considered, and we ensure that everyone can not only use our designs, but can understand and enjoy them too.

We are proud of our long history of working with external international designers on many of our projects to help us incorporate new ways of thinking into our designs, to continually improve the accessibility of our furniture.

In short: we design products that positively affect all people that are in touch with them, in one way or another.


No project too small

As one of Europe’s biggest seating suppliers to the workplace, we work on many large scale projects, supplying thousands of chairs to individual companies on a regular basis. However, we offer just as much support and attention to growing firms, offering a wide range of advice services and access to our customisation options, no matter how small the project may be.

In fact, we actively promote growing brands with shared interests, with our ongoing “My Capisco” campaign promoting a range of start-up brands that align with our sustainability, wellbeing and design principles. And if you don’t have any business at all, we are here to help...

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Sustainability at our core

"Size shouldn’t prevent us from doing good. On the contrary, size should enable us to do more." - Christian Lodgaard, Senior VP Flokk

Operating on a global level means that we have a responsibility to try and make a positive impact on the environment. Since the 1990's we have taken ever-increasing sustainability measures, including reducing our carbon footprint, increasing our use of recycled materials and designing products that are built to last, with many coming with a 10-year warranty as standard.

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