Our History

Flokk´s history is a story of innovation and boldness. It´s a story of remarkable design and lasting aesthetics, and of hardworking entrepreneurs who really felt that the way you work makes a huge difference to your health and wellbeing.

Flokk was founded under the name Scandinavian Business Seating in 2007. Back then, three strong Scandinavian brands with a shared pursuit of design ideals came together. Norwegian brand HÅG, Swedish RH and Danish RBM all had long traditions within furniture design and a common belief in human-centered design. 

As the mindful inventor, designer and manufacturer of furniture we want to drive a sustainability agenda having in mind not only our employees, customers, partners and communities but also future generations. For more than 35 years, we have applied tangible measures to become an uncontested leader in sustainable furniture design and manufacturing. We have implemented five circular design criteria named 5III Principles to all our design processes, and this journey continues as Flokk acquires new brands. 



1872: Giroflex established in Switzerland

1943: HÅG established in Norway

1975: RBM established in Denmark

1977: RH established in Sweden 

1988: BMA established in the Netherlands 

1990: Offecct established in Sweden 

1991: Profim established in Poland 

2004: 9to5 Seating established in USA

2007: HÅG, RH and RBM joins forces in Scandinavian Business Seating

2015: BMA joins Scandinavian Business Seating

2016: Malmstolen joins Scandinavian Business Seating

2017: Offecct joins Scandinavian Business Seating

2017: Scandinavian Business Seating changes name to Flokk

2017: Giroflex joins Flokk 

2018: Profim joins Flokk 

2019: 9to5 Seating joins Flokk  

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