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Profim was established in 1991 by Ryszard Rychlik, Andrzej Opłatek, and Bogdan Kaczmarek during Poland's socio-economic transition, seizing the chance to introduce high-quality furniture to the market.


Through a series of spirited initiatives and entrepreneurial drive, Profim grew to become a substantial manufacturer of furniture, delivering on the highest standards of precision and quality. One can say that Profim’s success and drive actively brought genuine welfare gains to the community and will continue to do so through administering this legacy further.

In 1998, Profim attended the Orgatec fair for the first time, with the ambition to enter the German market. Combining their commitment to quality and precision through
fruitful collaborations. Showcasing a practical approach to design along with involving international designers, affordable products with an international appeal emerged.

Through the next two decades, Profim expanded its footprint internationally, and ramped up the production facilities in Turek. Building on the specialist knowledge of its skillful employees and local suppliers. Manifesting Profim’s position as locally grounded but globally connected and widely available.

In 2018 Profim became part of Flokk. Bringing its legacy, a local perspective and an extensive portfolio of products to the table, Profim provides Flokk with essential & affordable designs for a wide set of use, segments and Flokk has entrenched strong sustainability value to Profim.


A set of guiding principles that we can reference back to, as a reminder of Profim’s unique character. All of which work together in various degrees to form our understanding of Profim.

These values are selected to influence all the visual output of the brand. This way we can start to design projects with a vision that is more unified from the start.

Where is Profim produced?

Turek - Poland

Profim is produced in our state of the art facilities in Turek, Poland.

Assembly of a Profim Violle chair


Profim offers affordable and sustainable furniture for all budgets, incorporating circular design principles from Flokk and continuously improving in all categories.

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