Peter Opsvik

Peter Opsvik, a pioneering force in functional design. He has collaborated with HÅG since 1974 and made a major contribution to the philosophy on which HÅG builds its business.

Opsvik's designs promote dynamic sitting, movement and variation of posture, for enhanced comfort and productivity. Peter's enduring commitment to reimagining the office experience continues to shape the future of dynamic and sustainable working environments.

Peter Opsvik has attempted to overcome our stereotypical sitting habits with his unconventional seating solutions. His work shows how the norms of sitting nicely and sitting still can be broken. The best sitting...

Multipurpose chairs, reusable and renewable materials and timeless design are all together Peter Opsvik's trademark. He designs furniture that lasts and many of them have become icons, such as the Tripp Trapp®chair, Variable™, The Garden, The HÅG Capisco and the HÅG CreedPeter Opsvik AS is situated in the heart of Oslo. Peter, together with 5 colleagues, works closely with the various licensees of his products, making sure they are kept up-to-date and relevant.

He believes your next sitting position is the best, a true reflection of the HÅG Movement and the importance of active sitting!

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