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For More Than 150 Years

The Giroflex name has been synonymous with wide-ranging expertise in ergonomic seating since 1872. Our passion for this vital issue continues unabated and will also shape how we think and act in the future. As an international quality brand, Giroflex epitomises the Swiss Benchmark for value. Service and reliable delivery lead times, innovation, design and a strong commitment to sustainability are the hallmarks of our corporate philosophy.


For healthy, active and dynamic sitting.

Ergonomics as part of industrial science is the link between work, technology and people. Since 1962, Giroflex has been researching the needs of people at their places of work. The focus is on working in a sitting position, and thus the most important working position in the office environment. It has significant influence on job performance and health.

Maintaining mobility

In the long term, an ever unchanging posture together with repetitive movements place a strain on the body. The result is tension and cramps, headaches and back pain or just rapid fatigue, because the circulation is not stimulated enough. Healthy sitting prevents these restrictions. It constantly changes the sitting posture and keeps the body moving as a result of this dynamism.

Giroflex office chairs promote and support healthy sitting. They incorporate numerous ergonomic standards that the company has developed in collaboration with recognized industrial scientists and occupational physicians.

Adjustment is everything

Seat height and depth adaptable to the individual anatomy and the ability to adjust the height of the chair back are fundamental. Other ergonomic achievements are adjustable lumbar supports and the proper handling of back pressure. With regard to the seat, the dual-zone seat profile and a slight downward tilt (the so-called negative tilt) ensure support and wellbeing.

Feel better, work better

Ergonomics will always contribute to maintaining health as well as to increasing motivation, creativity and productivity. Man and Giroflex chair work together for more wellbeing and increased performance. This results in improved quality of life, greater personal and in total more social success.

giroflex mechanism 2


Keep the proven, integrate the new.

Turning and flexible yielding: this principle was invented by Giroflex in 1928 and patented worldwide. To this day, product development of giroflex office chairs is based on it. Over the years and as a result of intensive study of present and future working environments numerous further developments of this principle have been successfully implemented and many more patents registered.

Groundbreaking innovations

A groundbreaking innovation by Giroflex is the dual-zone seat profile. Here the rear part of the seat supports the pelvic area and prevents the occupant from sliding forward. The front part of the seat tilts slightly forward, thus relieving the thighs.

The seat glide function provides for relaxed seating comfort. It allows easy changing between active and relaxed positions. Seat and backrest are connected to each other by a hinge, which opens and closes the seat opening angle when the sitting position is changed.

Furthermore, every back appreciates an adjustable lumbar support. It relieves the small of the back and the intervertebral discs.

The art of the mechanism

To enable consistent back tilt resistance with linear back pressure, Giroflex has developed its own synchronized mechanisms. They are the real power and movement centre of a chair.

Synchronized mechanisms are developed for the particular design depending on the desired functionalities and the material used. They come in numerous variations with different spring systems for backrest preload and counter pressure. Innovations to the operating functions that are obvious and directly experienceable for the seat owner are also sought after and implemented.

Tapping into comfort zones

Giroflex also delivers innovative solutions with regard to the cover materials. Mesh backs, for example, provide above-average breathability, but at the risk of inadequate support. So Giroflex established an innovative multi-zone fabric. It stabilizes the back in all areas with appropriate tension. With the Airgomove system Giroflex shows how air can be exploited for maximum seating comfort. This involves an integrated dual air chamber system which can be inflated for the lumbar and back regions.

Serving the working environment

Just the fact that office workers spend about 80,000 hours of their lives sitting makes it clear how important continuous innovation is in this field. The increase in forms of work where several people share one workstation also creates new challenges: automation and individualization will continue to gain in importance.

circular design

Design and functionality

The harmony of emotion and purpose.

Giroflex seating furniture stands for active, anatomically correct and healthy sitting. It is the job of design to translate this promise into styling reflecting the current zeitgeist and provides a contemporary interpretation of the interaction between the product and its environment. The signatures of the respective designers are clearly recognizable.

Corresponding units

Most giroflex designs are developed for several chair types, for swivel chairs and armchairs, conference and visitor’s chairs as well as stools. They cover different needs and at the same time function as a perceptible unit. Additionally, the quality of the giroflex designs ensures that combinations with other workplace furnishings are convincing.

In turn, the international clientele affect the visual expression with their individual and culturally influenced colour and material choices. Giroflex design is conducive to this diversity.

Simple and accessible

All giroflex designs used offer simple, user-friendly operation for healthy, ergonomic sitting. Functionality is thus an integral element of the design. After only a few, intuitively understandable movements of the hand a giroflex office chair is adjusted to personal needs.

Noticeable qualitiy

The giroflex understanding of design is also evident in the quality of the materials and the way they are used. Thus the texture of an upholstery fabric, the character of a seam, the feel of a leather or the craftsmanship of a weld affect the overall impression of a product.
And this, in turn, the perceived comfort – above and beyond the tangible.

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