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Kastel + HÅG

What have shoes and furniture got in common? It turns out to be quite a lot actually when you're talking about HÅG and Kastel. Two Norwegian brands, both with a strong focus on stylish, functional designs, lasting comfort for the user, and a passion for reducing their impact on the environment.

Kastel makes sneakers with a difference - designed to withstand the harsh Nordic climate without sacrificing style and comfort. Their unique standpoint has won over many fans, helping to grow Kastel into an internationally selling shoe brand. 

With so many similarities between Kastel and the way HÅG approaches furniture design, we wanted to share their inspiring story, and explore their equally stylish workspace.

The Story of Kastel

Established in 2011, Kastel is the creation of two friends in the Nordics frustrated with their lack of choice for winter footwear. As sneaker fans, they enjoy the lightweight feel of footwear, but traditional sneakers soon become soggy and worn. The alternative - chunky boots, were simply not what they wanted. One lacked protection from the cold, wet climate and the other lacked style. Spotting a gap in the market and satisfying their own needs, they set about designing sneakers with a difference. Kastel makes life-ready footwear, wearable in any climate, and ready for almost anything.

The Materials

The goal for Kastel is to completely shift to natural materials, favouring those with inherent qualities of durability and ruggedness. Wool and hemp are two of their particular favourites, both able to withstand frequent and lasting contact with nature.

Both HÅG and Kastel are fans of wool-based textiles, including the hardy Norwegian woolen fabrics produced by Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik (GU). Not only do they feature in HÅG chairs but Kastel have been trialling the fabrics in their shoes, looking for the unique lustre and durability they provide.

Visit GU Website

A balanced approach

Like HÅG, Kastel are passionate about reducing their overall impact on the environment. Not only does their approach focus on improving their use of renewable and organic materials, but in changing the way people perceive trainers and fashion in general.

Kastel Founder Andreas Malo Dyb: "We want to bring back the focus on useful shoes that are not over-marketed or over-engineered. An honest “just what you need” approach. In the same way, a chair has to function, otherwise it has no chance no matter how good it looks. And we think as a Norwegian brand we feel a great connection with the design philosophy of HÅG. Balance is everything, both physically and metaphorically. You have to balance design, functionality and sustainability. Only then can you leave some room for some culture to grow on its own merit."


The fabrics, by Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik

  • kastel_fabrics_01

    Soft sand colour chair at Kastel

    Redal 320
  • capisco_kastel_03

    HÅG Capisco

    Redal 320
  • 1x1-redal-320

    Fabric close-up

    Redal 320 - Soft Sand
  • kastel_fabrics_03

    Sunny field colour chair at Kastel

    Redal 440
  • capisco_kastel_02

    HÅG Capisco

    Redal 440
  • 1x1-redal-440

    Fabric close-up

    Redal 440 - Sunny Field
  • 1x1-redal-480

    Fabric close-up

    Redal 480 - Ochre Yellow
  • capisco_kastel_01

    HÅG Capisco

    Redal 480

Find out more about GU Fabrics on HÅG

If you would like to get a HÅG Capisco with one of the fabrics chosen by Kastel, get in touch with your local sales team today. You can even arrange a visit to your nearest showroom to touch and feel the fabrics in person and explore the rest of our range.

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Interview with Kastel

Kastel founder Andreas Malo Dyb speaks to us about their alternative approach to the fashion industry

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