• The HÅG Tion represents the cutting edge of our sustainable furniture development and a perfect example of a product that follows the circular principles we believe result in sustainable design. These principles, which we call 5-III (five-three), comprise of five circular design criteria, with emphasis on three particular focus area – climate, resources and health.In designing the HÅG Tion, we followed these principles very closely - the result is our most sustainable task chair to date, and this is why.

  • The HÅG Tion represents our first design featuring recycled plastics in an inspiring range of colour options. The introduction of colour sorted post-consumer plastics into our value chain is a major breakthrough, making it even easier to be colourful and environmentally conscious.

  • Made with 70-75% recycled materials - including 94% post-consumer plastics in the plastic seat and back shells, and 97-98% recycled aluminium - we are proud to say that the HÅG Tion has the highest ratio of recycled materials in our entire portfolio. Through continuous research and development, we have steadily increased the amount of recycled materials into our products, without affecting the performance and durability of our designs.

  • For the HÅG Tion models containing wood the total share of renewable and recycled materials is 71-77% The renewable wood we offer is sourced from responsibly managed forests, with the aim of combating deforestation and at the same time preserving biological diversity and productivity in the forest.

We work with a wide range of textile companies able to offer a range of sustainably made fabrics for any upholstery needs.

Few components

With these responsibly sourced materials, we have built a chair using as few components as possible. With fewer components comes less part production and quicker manufacturing, which means less energy consumption.

Long Lifespan

The parts we do make, are made to last. We put our products through a series of demanding tests ensuring that our chairs can withstand significant usage throughout its lifetime, and the HÅG Tion is no different. Whatever combination of materials you choose, your HÅG Tion comes with a 10-year warranty as standard, but the core components of the chair are designed to last much longer.

Design for disassembly

If you do find that you need a replacement part, we offer a wide range of spare parts throughout your 10-year warranty period. These parts are easily replaced because the HÅG Tion is designed for disassembly. That means we do not use any glues, and all key components are easily adjusted and removed using simple, easy to find tools.

We provide handy guides on our website showing you how to make repairs yourself, if you feel up to the challenge, or contact your local distributor who will carry out the repairs for you.

Low weight

Because of these measures, our chairs are lightweight – they only contain the materials necessary to do the job, and no more. All these measures combined help to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the chair, and the HÅG Tion is our most carbon efficient task chair to date.

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More on our Sustainability Principles

Watch the video to learn more about our 5-III model, and how we approach all our furniture designs.

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