Meridium are a digital services provider based in Sweden, building a range of online tools from websites to mobile apps.

  • Location

    Kalmar, Sweden

  • Interior Architect

    Sofia Kagg

  • Type of Space

    Commercial Office Space

Launched in 2012, Meridium are an established digital design agency, with over 60 staff across two locations in Sweden. When the brand had outgrown their offices in the Swedish city of Kalmar, they were keen to move into larger premises, but were reluctant to leave the Svensknabben peninsula of the city, a beautiful location with views of the Oland Bridge, a bathing area for the summer months, and many tranquil walking routes.

Luckily, they didn’t have to, as they were presented with the unique opportunity to build a brand new office on the island, with a hand in designing not only a beautiful exterior, but also a stunning interior.


"Sofia listened to what we have said and has been able to transform and interpret it into a stylish but also practical office designed according to our specific needs for workspaces and common collection areas."
Marcus Lindblom, Web Developer

The result is an original office design, full of colour and warmth that feels both homely and professional, but highly original as well. A Rich colour palette runs throughout the building, with a tasteful collection of purples and blues in the open plan office area, with all furniture and fittings matching the colour scheme, including tweed patterned desk dividers. Acoustic panels, tasteful lighting and live plants all add to the environment, making it a pleasant and inspiring place to work.

Meeting rooms featured plush armchairs with a similar tweed, with several social areas equally decorated with a homely touch. A large social area...


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