Rosenholm Campus

Rosenholm Campus is a modern co-working environment, with a range of work, social and health facilities.

Built during the 1980s, Rosenholm Campus was designed as a single-use workspace for computer firm IBM. In 2007, the office was bought by the real estate company Aspelin Ramm, who quickly diversified the tenancy, offering a wide range of workspace sizes with shared use of health and leisure facilities.

In practice, Rosenholm Campus became a co-working office without even knowing it, providing flexible office spaces right down to single desks, with access to coffee machines, meeting rooms, presentation areas, cafes and more.

Speaking in 2017, Sverre Landmark, Marketing Manager at Aspelin Ramm said “Rosenholm Campus became a co-working site...

"Our choice of Profim Noor chairs came to comfort, colour options, price. The different colour options made it easy for us to adapt to both the light and the dark concept. The fact that you can combine the chair with so many different textiles, plastic, and legs, is great too."
Helle Jonson, Partner
Krohn Arkitekter

The overall concept for the environment was creating light and dark spaces. The light spaces in the open atrium contrasting with the darker spaces for the main floor of each of the 10 buildings. The idea was to create a welcoming and bright atmosphere for the livelier and more collaborative shared spaces, whilst retaining a sense of intimacy and cosiness in others, including the restaurant area.

The interior architects specified Profim Noor chairs in several of the social areas, colour and material matched to the interior style. The restaurant features Profim Noor chairs with black graphite shell and wooden legs, chosen to match the theme...


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