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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners is an international architectural practice based in London.


    Leadenhall Building, London


    Architecture & Design

Over nearly four decades, RSHP have attracted critical acclaim and awards with building projects across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. Flokk worked closely with RHSP to find the perfect seating for their new offices in the iconic Leadenhall Building in London.

RSHP were the lead architects behind the the Leadenhall Building, officially known as 122 Leadenhall Street and unofficially nicknamed ‘The Cheesegrater’. Opening in 2014, RSHP became tenants in 2015. They were familiar with the HÅG Capisco as they had been using it on their reception and model shop for several years in their previous offices, and had specified it for the...

"The reaction has generally been very positive. In the early stages there were a few people who were maybe a little wary of the design as it was very different to our offices chair but once they were shown how to use it and understood the benefit our staff seems to be happy! Put it this way there have been no complaints"
Representative of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.

When the practice took up residency, their experience with the HÅG Capisco made it the natural choice for the office chair. After a brief product testing period with their staff, which included several other brands, the staff agreed on the HÅG Capisco.

200 chairs were installed, with fabrics selected in a bright vibrant colour scheme. This was matched to the furnishings and fittings, adding to the overall aesthetics of the interior design. The shape and function of the chairs gave staff flexibility of use and overall we have had positive feedback from staff presentations and trials.


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