A Flokk seating solution across the main workspaces for a Norwegian tech firm

Strex, a fast growing Norwegian digital payment platform, embarked on a transformative journey in 2022, as their rapid growth led to a need for a larger, more collaborative workspace accommodating their 16-strong team.

In this dynamic environment, fostering daily discussions and creative problem-solving was crucial. The office layout was designed to include distinct zones: communal workstations for operational discussions, adjacent meeting rooms for private collaboration, and quiet rooms for deep-focus tasks. To further enhance the workplace experience, social zones were incorporated for relaxation, dining, and informal gatherings.

Strex turned to Flokk to provide a high-quality, premium feel seating solution across their workspaces. They selected HÅG SoFi chairs for the main workstations and HÅG Tion chairs for the meeting rooms. These choices perfectly aligned with Strex's vision,...


HÅG SoFi provided exceptional comfort and performance for long work hours, while HÅG Tion excelled with support and flexibility in accommodating varying occupancy levels.

Strex's vision extended beyond practicality. They desired a seamless transition between office and social spaces, creating a hotel lounge ambiance. The elegant furniture from Flokk played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.

Throughout the process, Flokk's sales team provided outstanding service, offering invaluable insights and customisation suggestions while facilitating chair trials.

The result? An office that harmoniously combines aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, aligning with Strex's vibrant, collaborative work culture.


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