Studio Stockholm

A sustainable and visually stunning office space featuring Flokk seating solutions

Studio Stockholm is an acclaimed architecture firm renowned for its expertise in designing innovative office workspaces. With a growing team and expanding projects, they recently transitioned to a larger office space to accommodate their evolving needs.

The primary objective of Studio Stockholm's office redesign project was to prioritise sustainability and longevity in their material and furniture selections. Their vision encompassed a design concept characterised by rounded forms and authentic materials, demanding selections that aligned seamlessly with this aesthetic.

Flokk furniture emerged as a key component in achieving Studio Stockholm's sustainability goals. The selected the HÅG Tion chair, renowned for its flexibility, durability, and eco-friendly attributes. This versatile chair was strategically deployed across various spaces within the new workspace, particularly in meeting rooms and at project tables.

The HÅG Tion chair embodies sustainability, with an average recycled content of 75%. Its design prioritises easy repairability and features a low carbon footprint, aligning perfectly with Studio Stockholm's environmental objectives. Moreover, its compact footprint, lightweight construction, and intuitive controls enhance functionality and promote flexibility and dynamic use of space.


Visually, the HÅG Tion chair seamlessly integrated into Studio Stockholm's design concept. The choice of tumbled aluminium material added an authentic and distinctive detail to the workspace. Additionally, the extensive range of fabric and colour options offered by Flokk allowed Studio Stockholm to customise each chair to their specific preferences. From dark blue leather in the project room to a chequered wool textile in meeting rooms, the chairs were tailored to harmonise with the overall design scheme.

By incorporating Flokk's sustainable furniture solutions, Studio Stockholm successfully achieved their objectives of creating a workspace that embodies both environmental consciousness and aesthetic appeal. The HÅG Tion chair not only met their functional requirements but also contributed to the overall visual coherence of the office.

The project is a clear example of how thoughtful furniture selection can enhance sustainability and design integrity in office spaces. By...


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