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Turtle Park Studio offers a wide range of musical services.


    Cologne, Germany


    RH Secur24

    Creative, Media & Film

For over 20 years, DJ Ryan Halifax toured the world playing in clubs and festivals as part of the techno music movement of the 80s and 90s.

In 2006, Ryan founded Turtle Park studios, located in the town of Hurth, on the outskirts of Cologne, near to the various film studios in the region. Working as a music producer, his company offers a range of musical services, recording, pre and post production as well as mastering, from his purpose built studio featuring a range of modern and classic equipment, producing digital output as well as on vinyl.

When it came to seating, Ryan needed a heavy duty, hardworking chair to deal with the long hours...

"It’s one of the best chairs I’ve ever sat in. I often change studios and try many different chairs. But I’m always happy to come home to My Chair."
Ryan Halifax, Producer, Turtle Park Studio

Turtle Park Studio opted to go for the RH Secur24, a heavy duty chair fitted with extra strong and robust mechanisms. Designed for 24/7 environments, the Secur24 is quick and easy to adjust and extremely comfortable for every user. The upholstery is also extremely strong, dirt-resistant and easy to clean – perfect for multi-user environments such as a recording studio, which accommodates a range of artists and musicians on a day to day basis.


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