CO₂ Performance Ladder

The CO₂ Performance Ladder is an instrument, by the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO), helping organisations reduce carbon emissions regarding the whole organisation, their projects and business operations.

It consists of 5 levels, indicating the reduction of CO₂ emissions within the organisation (level 3) and from the business chain and sector (level 4 and 5).

Flokk obtained the level 3 certification, adhering to the requirements of the CO₂ performance ladder, based on the following four angles: Insight, Reduction, Transparency, and Participation.


Determining different streams of energy and the carbon footprint of the organisation.


Developing ambitious goals for the reduction of CO₂ emissions.


Taking part in business sector initiatives with regards to the reduction of carbon emissions.


Communicating structurally about the organisation’s policies concerning CO₂ reduction.

Further information on the CO₂ Performance Ladder and Flokk’s certification can be found on:

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