Our History

Flokk´s history is a story of innovation and boldness. It´s a story of remarkable design and lasting aesthetics, and of hardworking entrepreneurs who really felt that the way you work makes a huge difference to your health and wellbeing.

Flokk was founded under the name Scandinavian Business Seating in 2007. Back then, three strong Scandinavian brands with a shared pursuit of design ideals came together. Norwegian brand HÅG, Swedish RH and Danish RBM all had long traditions within furniture design and a common belief in human centred design.



1943: HÅG established in Norway
1975: RBM established in Denmark
1977: RH established in Sweden
2007: HÅG, RH and RBM joins forces in Scandinavian Business Seating
2015: BMA joins Scandinavian Business Seating
2016: Malmstolen joins Scandinavian Business Seating
2017: Offecct joins Scandinavian Business Seating
2017: Scandinavian Business Seating changes name to Flokk
2017: Giroflex joins Flokk

„We demand high quality in everything we do,from materials and durability to ergonomics and design.”


Even though each brand has a unique personality, they are all unified by a shared set of goals.

To make the most comfortable furniture possible
To make beautiful handcrafted pieces of furniture
To make chairs which works with the body and not against it
To ensure we are environmental pioneers and that we always make the best efforts to protect the
world we live in.
To make furniture that lasts

These key aims are the foundations of Flokk, and form the basis of our philosophy.

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