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  • The early years : 1872 - 1944

    Koblenz, Switzerland was the site of the first factory established by Albert Stoll I, with its bentwood chairs that serviced the leisurely life of everyday activities in Cafes, stores, and hotels. It was not until 1919 when his son, Albert Stoll II took the decision to pivot the company towards office chairs. This focused effort led to his invention of the “Spring Swivel” in 1926, the first swivel chair with a suspension system. The design was patented worldwide, establishing the company’s foothold in office furniture as the industrial era had settled into full swing.

  • Albert Stoll I with wife Bertha Strübe
    May 24, 1870

    In 1871, Albert Stoll I, (1836-1897) and partner Max Klock sets up the "Stoll & Klock" chair factory located in Waldshut. The company changes its name to "Albert Stoll" in 1879 after Klock departs the company.

  • Early receipt for 2 chairs
    July 1, 1887

    The Waldshut region offers easy access to transport links and beechwood, essential for production. Two to three dozen employees work at the factory making bent wood chairs.

  • The "Spring Swivel" Chair

    Original advert for the first swivel chair with rotatable column-type spring suspension. Designer Albert Stoll II was aiming to improve the American office chair. First shown at the Leipzig trade fair in 1926.

  • Federdreh-stühle 'spring-loaded' swivel chairs - January 25, 1944

    By 1944 Stoll had 13 variations of the Federdreh available to purchase, suitable for all different environments.

Global expansion: 1944 - 1962

  • The brand name “Giroflex”, which means to “turn and flex” was introduced in 1948. The new identity embodied the crux of the company’s intentions, that traces back to the original “Spring Swivel” invention. During the cusp of the mid-century era excitement, Giroflex continued to expand, shortly in 1949 the first foreign production and distribution facility was established in Belgium. Followed by branches in Germany, the Netherlands and France. Even extending their reaches to South America with a production site in Brazil.

Ergonomic evolution: 1962 - 2017

  • In the midst of Giroflex’s growth they made a conscious effort in 1962 to involve internationally recognized ergonomists, in the efforts to design more comfortable and healthy sitting experiences for extended amounts of time. This has remained important in the company search for comfort, mobility, flexibility. The “Spring Swivel” lives on.

  • The "Ideal Seating" Machine by Dr. Etienne Grandjean.
    In 1962, this contraption was developed based on research conducted on behalf of Giroflex. This adjustable tool help determine the ideal seat and back profile in numerous tests.

  • In 1964 Giroflex introduced a new collection of 4 ergonomically conscious chairs designed by Arno Votteler together with Dr. Etienne Grandjean, with the intention of breaking the convention of the single chair, which was the norm at the time.

  • Giroflex broke away from this stagnation, by offering 4 complimentary options that can satisfy different needs of the office. This approach became the industry standard.

  • All these efforts lead to more comfortable seating solutions that places an emphasis towards a healthy sitting experience for extended amounts of time. This has remained important in Giroflex's focus on helath factors of comfort, mobility, flexibility. The “Spring Swivel” lives on.

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